Traffic law in cambodia 2015 pdf

The gms transport sector strategy 20062015 is designed to achieve this. After four days of debate, the national assembly has approved the final four chapters of a new land traffic law which aims to improve the safety on cambodias. In early 2015, the ftu threatened to boycott the council because of factories. Collect of ebook khmer law such as law on cambodia cambodia lawyer cambodia code code on cambodia khmer law and cambodia laws. In 2015, traffic accidents killed 2,265 people and injured more than 15,000, 40 percent of whom were seriously injured, said ear chariya, director of cambodias institute for road safety.

Develop education and awareness strategy on traffic law, develop. Minister of interior sar kheng yesterday assured support for traffic police who enforce the law against highranking officials that violate traffic regulations. Relies on the fossil fuel vehicles and most vehicles are second. This law is about the legal procedures of doing business in the kingdom of cambodia.

For safety, everyone in the car should wear seatbelts. Pan sorasak, minister of commerce, chaired the opening ceremony of puc it. In the morning of october 8, 2016, at pannasastra university of cambodia puc, h. Cambodia road traffic law 2015 cambodia traffic today. Some important advances have been made, such as the road traffic law and the.

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