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Electric pecan cracker leading pea sheller machine and. The kinetic kracker model iii will crack black and english walnuts, native pecans. It shells twice the capacity of the vibra 1 sheller and will handle 2 to three pecan crackers. With two sharpened replacable blades, snip the ends and sides of the in shell pecan. It was made in tarboro nc by charles edwards products. Our nut cracker tools and supplies make nut cracking fun. Chowan county keeps cracking pecans for holiday tradition. This machine will crack any size pecan with no adjustments necessary to the machine. A good bit of the time half the pecan easily clears the shell while the other half of the nutmeat needs to be lightly pulled from the shell. Pecan sheller texan nut sheller red hill general store. It makes use of a screw and a lever to crack the shells of pecans and walnuts. We provides nutibudi cracker,texas twostep nut cracker, york pecan sheller and much more texas nut shellers that is. Check and update your company profile or add your business now.

The texan nut sheller is the best handheld pecan sheller available. Carolina nut crackerpecans 545 edwards store rd mount olive nc 28365. The kitchen accessory makes it easy to crack nuts quickly. Pecan cracker featuring kinetic kracker pecans are as much fun to crack as they are to eat. The inertia nutcracker is the worlds most popular pecan cracker. This machine cracks and extracts the pecan nut meats in one process. Pecan hulling and shelling services in north carolina manta. Pecan hulling and shelling services in north carolina nc, united states.

It is a common story to hear how families will sit on the back porch cracking pecans and when they are done not have the first pecan. More and more people from further away started ordering nuts, tins, and gifts. Pearce brothers pecan crackers llc offers commercial and industrial crackers for pecans, peanuts, walnuts, and almonds. The 2014 pecan crop in the united states totaled 264. View all hotels near carolina nutcracker pecans on tripadvisor. February 15 mount olive, nc charles jody britt is with ethel britt and brittany barrow at carolina nut cracker pecans. The worlds best nutcracker is hand b uilt and all welded with heavy gauge black powder coated steel for extra strength and durability.

Simply clip off ends and sides of soft shell nuts, removing excess material and leaving nut meats intact. Texan york nutsheller is easy to use and has high quality construction. The average shelling capacity is 150 lbs to 200 lbs per hour. Pecan nut crackers pea sheller machines, pecan crackers. Carolina nut cracker is at carolina nut cracker pecans.

Bronze bearing construction that assures long life with continued use. Rather the teeth are used to clip off the ends and then the side. The nutcracker is ready for a new nut every full cylinder revolution. We manufacturer pecan shellers, crackers, and grading equipment.

Martin supply in eastern north carolina is just as it has always been. The worlds best nutcracker hand crank, heavy duty, hand. It holds about a five gallon bucket worth of nuts in a vibratory hopper, then the nuts come out in 8 difference sized bins. However, pecan trees can grow and produce quality nuts for decades with minimal effort and expense. And all the southern cooks like paula deen have great pecan recipes, and bourbon pecan pie. Carolina nut cracker is proud of the hometown service, which they always have offered, and. It is the best tool for removing shells from pecans. Nut sheller is convenient way to crack and shell pecans and other nuts. Our nut cracker machines were invented and fabricated by carleton a. A simplicity in design, with a plierlike design, comfortable rubber grips and shield which minimizes and directs shell debris where it needs to go. Welcome to the pearce brothers website, manufacturers of the best pecan crackers and shellers on the market. Handheld lever a handheld lever nut cracker is also referred to as a pair of nut crackers. Amongst the top ten producers of pecans in the united states, the nc pecan growers association are dedicated to encouraging and promoting research and education in all phases of the pecan industry, to interact with others in the interest of pecan growers throughout the region, and to promote pecans as a commercial crop in north carolina.

And dont forget to hunt down those extra special treats too there are so many ways to discover pecans. Tom and ethel were initially satisfied with being a local distributor, but word of mouth soon put them on the map. North carolina ranks in the top 10 pecan producing states, along with leaders georgia, new mexico and texas. Nutcracker chestnut clip sheller, 304 stainless steel nut cracker tool multifunctional durable metal pecan walnut pliers opener tools for home kitchen birthday party 4. Manta has 3 companies under pecan hulling and shelling services in north carolina. It is a common story to hear how families will sit on the back porch cracking pecans and when they are done not have the first pecan to put up because they ate them all. Kitchener lever action pecan and nut cracker easily cracks medium and soft shell nuts, including walnuts, pecans.

Today, pecans are still grown in north carolina, for income and enjoyment, predominately in the southeastern part of the state. The ingenuity of the electric pecan cracker is its ability to sense the pressure needed to precisely crack pecans. Here at, we encourage you to find your local producer of healthy delicious pecans, and buy fresh from the grower. Pearce brothers pecan crackers, llc better business. At any rate, with the prices of pecans continuing to rise give these crackers. All machines are guaranteed for 24 months from date of purchase. All you have to do is drop the nut into the cracking cup. Contrary to what you might think, you dont actually use the texas york pecan sheller to crack the nut. But ours are much faster and as of 2008, even faster with the addition of savage equipments madill, oklahoma new high speed crackers. Search or browse our list of pecan hulling and shelling services companies in north carolina by category or location. The tool is also easily adjustable to crack all medium and soft shell nuts, so it is highly versatile.

Carolina nut crackerpecans mount olive, north carolina. Carolina nutcracker pecans mount olive 2020 all you. Carolina nut cracker added a new photo with patrick muston and 2 others at carolina nut cracker pecans. Pecan nut busters is a family owed manufacturer of quality nut crackers, shellers, and air separators. And dont forget to hunt down those extra special treats too there are so many ways to discover pecans, and we can help you see them in a whole new light. Pecan hulling and shelling services in north carolina. It makes use of a screw and a lever to crack the shells of pecans. Large all in one pecan nut buster with sheller pecan nut. And for industial nut crackers, you need an electric pecan cracker. It also comes with the pneumatic air cleaner attached to remove the shell from the nut. The pecans are put into a machine that cracks just the outer shell ideally of each nut individually. Growing pecans requires patience and a longterm commitment. Pecan hulling and shelling services in north carolina nc.

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