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First and second conditional university of cagliari. Second conditional conversation questions esl games. This second conditional exercise checks your ability to use the second conditional in regular sentences, negative sentences, and questions. Second conditional exercise english grammar exercises. The second conditional is a structure used for talking about unreal situations in the present or in the future. Second, third and mixed conditionals discussion questions. English esl second conditional worksheets most downloaded. Students write what they would do in a particular situation and then compare their answers first with a partner and then with the rest of the. If she werent always so late, she would be promoted. Second conditional what country would you like to visit.

But there is not a real possibility that this condition will happen. Conditional sentences second condition verb tenses in second conditional sentences complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb provided. However, they focused on thinking about items to take to the island, and not on the grammatical structure, which made everything easier. Divide the students into groups of four and give each student a set of second conditional. Conditional board game language point first and second conditionals.

Activity students ask and answer questions using the first and second conditionals in order to move along the board and reach the end. Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more. Read the story and complete the test at the bottom of the page. Fun activities for the 2nd conditional my elt rambles.

Complete the sentences below by making second conditional statements. First conditional vs second conditional we use the first conditional to talk about possible future situations and we use the second conditional to talk about hypothetical or imaginary future situations. Live worksheets english english as a second language esl second conditional second conditional second conditional very simple introduction to the second conditional. Conditional exercise first second third conditionals. Esl second conditional game reading, writing, listening and speaking activity intermediate b1 30 minutes. In this second type of mixed conditional sentence, the tense in the if clause is the simple past, and the tense in the main clause is the perfect conditional. Second conditional reading grammar readings learnenglish. If i won a million dollars, i would put the money in a bank. This kind of conditional sentence is different from the first conditional because this is a lot more unlikely. Second conditional if you werent so stubborn, we wouldnt have so many.

Watch our esol video on how to use the second conditional in english and learn how to use sentences with if. Second conditional 16 question strips adapted from the below pair work activity. Both first and second conditionals are used to imagine situations in the present or future. A collection of english esl conditionals worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach about. First, lets have a look at the form keep in mind that there are many other forms not mentioned here. Zero, first, and second conditionals interactive worksheet. A complete lesson plan to teach the second conditional. They also learn the difference between hope and wish. Second conditional reading grammar readings this second conditional reading gives you a chance to practice your reading comprehension skills while you see examples of the second conditional. If you were ready, we about situations that are hypothetical, could go now. Do you know how to use this important english conditional correctly. Second, third and mixed conditionals discussion questions what would your second choice for a university or degree subject have been.

If you could do anything for a day, what would you do. We are thinking about a particular condition in the future, and the result of this condition. First and second conditional lingua house innovation in learning tm a a a a english grammar 4 practice 3 look at the situations below. Intermediate level conversation materialssurveyspairwork activities a list of moral dilemmas for students to discuss, whilst practising the second conditional. If she passed the exam, she would be able to enter university. Nov 09, 2016 this video was made as a warmer exercise for my intermediate group. If i dont have a meeting tomorrow morning, i ll have lunch with you. The second conditional uses the past simple after if, then would and the infinitive. If i spoke perfect english, i would have a good job. If you won the lottery, i think the first thing youd buy is tell the students to think about what the first thing you the.

I think you would classroom activity esl efl teaching. How do you talk about your hopes and dream in english. English esl second conditional worksheets most downloaded 119 results. Second conditionals put the verb into the correct tense. Complete the chart below by asking your classmates the following questions using the second condition. English esl conditionals worksheets most downloaded 741. Jan 09, 2018 learn how and when to use conditional sentences type 2 present unreal conditional with useful form, usage and example sentences. Students say what they think the guy would say to jlo and practice forming the affirmative and negative form of the 2nd conditional 5 6 minutes. Like a first conditional, a second conditional sentence consists of two clauses, an if clause and a main clause. If i had enough money i would buy a house with twenty bedrooms and a swimming pool im probably not going to have this much money, its just a dream, not very real. The most confusing thing about the second conditional is that we use the past tense in the if clause, even though were referring to the present.

First conditional if john drinks too much coffee, hell get ill. These are some example of questions made with the second conditional. What would you have done in your last holiday if time, money etc had been no limit. Second conditional discussion student as questions do not show these to student b 1 if you could be anyone in the world, who would you be. The mixed conditional describes past result of a present or continuing condition. Second conditional activities esl games worksheets teach this.

Aim to practise first and second conditional structures. The second condtional expresses unreal situations in the present or future. In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades 38, students use the second conditional as they discuss imaginary conditions. Students learn and practice the second conditional through writing and speaking activities. However, you have to explain how the 2nd conditional works before going over this activity. Free second conditional worksheets with 203 worksheets available in this section, busy teacher is pleased to be able to offer a variety of worksheets and activities that can work in esl classrooms around the world. In the brainpop ell movie, if we lived there l3u5l2, ben and moby take their minds off shoveling snow by imagining what life would be like if they lived on a tropical island. Decide if they are impossiblehypothetical or possible and form a conditional sentence for each one. A complete lesson plan to teach the second conditional i used the classic example what would you take to a desert island. Mar 14, 2016 i was worried that they wouldnt understand the question because this was the first time they had ever seen the second conditional. The second conditional is like the first conditional. They would have more money if they didnt buy so many clothes 14. Read the conditional sentences below and answer the questions that follow each one. Second conditional worksheet conditional sentences second second conditional download.

The second conditional the second conditional refers to an unreal or very unlikely situation in the present time. Second conditional if jose didnt speak good french, he wouldnt move to paris. Intermediate complete each of the following conditional sentences with the proper verb tense. May 27, 2015 after having shared with you my fun activities for the first conditional, i thought it was about time to move on to what is traditionally known as the 2nd conditional and suggest a few fun activities which practice the 2nd conditional. Second and third conditionals by zmarques again three types of exercises. Hundreds more free handouts at second conditional discussion student as questions do not show these to student b 1 if you could be anyone in the world, who would you be.

Conditional sentences second condition verb tenses in. L sson plan iv conditionals first and second conditional. How would your life be different now if you had done that instead. Live worksheets english english as a second langu age esl conditionals zero, first, and second conditionals zero, first, and second conditionals id. This is a great speaking acitivy to get your students talk about life using the second conditional. Where possible, try to use other modal verbs instead of will or would, for example can, could, might, may. These questions can be used with students seated in pairs or in small groups, or with students standing. Second conditional class discussion imagine directions. In this creative second conditional activity, students play a game where they write, ask and answer questions with the second conditional. If you could meet anyone alive or dead, who would you like to meet. Match the beginnings of the sentences to the correct endings, to make logical conditional sentences.

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