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The epic world war ii story of the heroes of australias 75 squadron and the 44. This book records the exploits of the airmen of the first australian beaufort squadron in action in world war ii. The squadron has seen active service flying transport aircraft during world war ii, the korean war, the indonesiamalaysia konfrontasi, the vietnam war, and the wars in afghanistan and iraq. I dont recall if we did determine the true origin of the squadron cannon, perhaps something well explore further prior to the 75th. Excerpts from letter of acceptance as patron to the 75sqn association by his excellency mr. During the afternoon flying officer barry cox and flight lieutenant john piper. His books include the critically acclaimed accounts of australian airmen in. Newsletter 24 squadron raaf association nsw national. Formed at pearce 16 march 1942 the first entry in the unit records reads in part. The number of reports tapered off markedly in the latter years of the war, as the skies were swept of axis aircraft. The first kittyhawk to arrive at the squadron on 19 march was a2950 which had been offloaded from the ss robin tuxworth and assembled at cunderdin.

As with revells earlier book on 56 squadron, firsthand accounts, many from personal acquaintances of the authors, abound in no 60 sqn rfcraf. In november 1992 it was proposed that, as part of the raaf 75th anniversary celebrations to be held in 1996. This group of raw young recruits scrambled ceaselessly in their kittyhawk fighters to an extraordinary and heroic battle, the story of which has been left largely untold. Squadron from 21 march to 8 may 1942, stands as one of the more remarkable feats in raaf history. The bell uh1b iroquois or huey is almost synonymous with the vietnam war and for the next five and a half years 9 squadron s hueys supported the. Despite the dispatch of numerous kittyhawks and hurricanes to the pacific theatre, the complete absence of any raaf singleseat fighters in australia at the dawn of 1942 was a matter of grave concern. History and achievements guiding defence and aviation industry policy by air vice marshal brian weston, am fraes foreword the aircraft manufacturing industry was a key vehicle in the industrialisation of australia and its development largely parallels the maturing of the country as an independent nation. He commanded no 75 squadron when equipped with mirage 111o aircraft and flew hunter, avon sabre, mirage 111o and fa. Those of us who flew in from various places down south were met at the airport by either jazmine or monica, from 75 squadron. This was the first commonwealth squadron to be so created in the second world war. The squadron started at raaf pearce in western australia in 1942 during the second world war, and fought in the pacific theatre with p40 kittyhawks.

Although often referred to, then and since, as an rnzaf unit, 75 squadron was equipped and controlled by the raf until vj day. An actionpacked story of the men of the raafs no 77 fighter squadron, the only raaf squadron to take part in the korean war. With the success of the japanese conquest of the pacific during 1941 and the air attack on darwin a japanese landing in australia was imminent. The official newspaper of the royal australian air force. Raaf personnel and ops history research tips 3 squadron. Often containing more detail than was transferred to the squadron operations record book. Editor bert wolfe saw action in new guinea during world war ii with no. Werner, herbert, iron coffins, pan books ltd, london, 1972. The royal australian air force was formed in 1921 and since then has been involved in all major conflicts involving australians. Over the last week i have been working, and this video is my contribution to anzac day. The wing soon deployed to horn island to take control of raaf units based there and. So do color profiles, with 28 covering a variety of aircraft, including four s. Wing, group, and squadron lineage obtained from books published by the air force historical research agency afhra, unit data cards.

Together up there history of 549 raf raaf squadron in northern australia during wwii by v. In preparing the manuscript, the authors have worked closely with raaf historians at a base level and at the federal level, retired raaf. It was formed in october 1943 at townsville, queensland, under northeastern area command. On 6 june 1966 eight iroquois helicopters from 9 squadron, royal australian air force raaf, landed at the vung tau airbase, vietnam. From 1997 to 2000, air marshal brown commanded no 3 squadron. The new zealand 75 squadron association was first created at a reunion of returned 75 squadron serviceman in wellington, new zealand in 1950. It subsequently became a naval fleet cooperation squadron, but was later redesignated as no. On 4 april 1940, the new zealand squadron was renamed no. Veitch knew of the air battle over port moresby, but only vaguely.

The battle of milne bay 25 august 7 september 1942, also known as operation re or the battle of rabi by the japanese, was a battle of the pacific campaign of world war ii. I note the cannon history sparked much discussion amongst many association members after i emailed out a few birthday images to patricia and bill. Condor engaged it in a running fight lasting 75 minutes. Gordon r birkett unravels myths and facts about how 75 squadron raaf got into action for the first time. It was disbanded in 1948, but reformed the following year and operated jet aircraft throughout the cold war. And the subject of this video is 75 squadron royal australian. The only raaf veterans funded by dva were greg mcgregor 76 squadron and nat gould 75squadron veteran and also a member of the 76 squadron association.

It was formed in january 1945 and disbanded in august 1946. After the war it got new p51 mustangs and went to japan. Due to delays in bringing operational airfields into service, the squadron saw little combat before the end of the war. The air battle for port moresby, conducted by no 75. Air force headquarters provides strategic leadership to the air force and provides policy guidance for air force activities to the rest of defence and government. In march and april 1942, raaf 75 squadron bravely defended port moresby for 44. This online collection also includes some operations record books for dominion and allied air force squadrons under british command. Wirraways at the nearby raaf base williamtown in 1942. Eats, the history of the raaf effort in world war ii has been disaggregated by the practice of despatching individual. I am honoured to be made patron of the 75 squadron association, and thank air commodore mel hupfeld dsg for his kind invitation. In 1993, air marshal brown was then posted to 77 squadron as executive officer. There were two veterans in the 75 squadron association group who were not paid for by the dva edgar mcculloch who was accompanied by his son and grandson and joe mcgrath. These are royal air force raf operations record books orbs, though the oldest books predate the formation of the raf in april 1918 and cover operations carried out by its predecessors, the royal flying corps rfc and the royal naval air service rnas.

These are royal air force raf operations record books orbs, though the oldest. Alan stephens, in the official history of the postwar air force, described the f111 as the regions preeminent strike aircraft and. A coming of age for australia and its air force the air campaign over northern australia 1943. It operates boeing c17 globemaster iii heavy airlifters from raaf base amberley, queensland. Japanese naval infantry troops, known as kaigun tokubetsu rikusentai special naval landing forces, with two small tanks attacked the allied airfields at milne bay that had been established on the. As such, this book does not provide an exhaustive history of raaf base. Please delete this post if this is not appropriate to this thread or if it appears to be a selfadvertisement i have recently uploaded the nominal rolls of indian air force units in the second world war these have been built using the orbs from na, logbooks, published books etc. The epic world war ii story of the heroes of australias 75 squadron and the 44 days when these brave and barely trained pilots fought alone against the japanese. Royal air force operations record books 19111963 the national.

He completed raaf staff college in 1995 and was subsequently posted to headquarters air command as staff officer operational evaluation. Royal air force operations record books 19111963 the. On 21 march the squadron s first four kittyhawk aircraft landed at the seven mile strip, port moresby. The squadron was formed in 1942 and saw extensive action in the south west pacific theatre of world war ii, operating p40 kittyhawks. Throughout the book, the part played by the dedicated groundcrew is included, and there are many anecdotes from the 60 years of 75 squadron s life and times. The book is hardcover, with dustjacket, 190x270mm, 222 pages, 4 appendices, 65 photos, 4 maps, and includes 8 full colour side views of aircraft by artist juanita franzi. Apart from the squadron personnel and those people who live in townsville, everyone else stayed at the holiday inn the sugar shaker a good spot as it was in the middle of the city, close to shops and restaurants. Raf and raaf orbs available on the web new version. No 75 squadron association online no 75 squadron association home page. We have the largest online range of raaf squadron unit history books that describe the operation history of many raaf squadrons during wartime and peacetime.

Developed as a torpedo and general reconnaissance bomber, the beaufort was the heaviest, most powerful and most complex aircraft ever built in australia at that time. In march and april 1942, raaf 75 squadron bravely defended port moresby for 44 days when australia truly stood alone against the japanese. Equipped with a wide range of aircraft, the squadron commenced training operations in february 1918 and was tasked to provide replacement aircrew to no. Port moresby and milne bay in february and march 1942 the. Ww2 book song of the beauforts bomber no 100 squadron. For enrolment information or to book a tour phone 02 4933. Raaf airmen attached to australian bomber squadrons nos 460, 462, 463, 466, and. It flies out of raaf williamtown in new south wales, australia. As such, this book does not provide an exhaustive history of raaf base amberley, it is an outline of its history and the focus of the text is the heritage significance of the place. The squadron was formed in 1917 as a training unit of the australian flying corps in britain, readying pilots for service on the western front. Raaf unit history sheets form a50 number 3 squadron.

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