Tape drive backup software for windows 2008 server support

Previously we had been using ntbackup to backup our network files, but 2008 does not allow the option to backup to tape drives. It can back up open files vss, make disk images and restore individual files. Easy tape backup server 2008 with easeus server backup. Tape backup server 2008 is to backup windows server 2008 data to tape devices. We have recently upgraded two of our 3 domain controllers to windows server 2008 r2, and will soon be upgrading our third machine. Tape drive support for windows server 2008 backupassist. Support disk to disk, hard drive, external,tape backup support. If you have backups stored in tape storage devices and would like to recover them, then you can try using the ntbackup utility and check if that helps.

Tape drive backup using windows 8 or 2008r2 microsoft. Five reliable windows server backup solutions techrepublic. Get toplevel tape support for popular modern os, such as windows server 2016 to 2008, and sbs. Backupassist tape drive support for windows server 2008. Windows 8 and windows server 2008 r2 backup doesnt support backing up to tape storage devices any more. Easeus tape backup software easeus todo backup server and advanced server can easily back up your server 2008 data to your tape. Instead, its been replaced with a blocklevel backup system that effectively images your drives, and allows for baremetal server restores to dissimilar hardware. It seems the backupassist tape drive solution for windows server 2008 really is the solution everyones been waiting for.

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